This is kind of a YouTube take over post, because I'm always so busy on Thursdays due to other commitments, so there is probably some news I have missed, but I had to mention this quickly now.

So two of our channels are in the charts still, both have increased their viewing figures, so I am really excited and happy about that and hope the continue to do so. The honors for the channels are really amazing, so look at them at the bottom of this post!

We also maintained our video honor, so check that out below as well, because we are always proud of video honors because they don't generally last as long as video honors.

Movie 2 is completely back on YouTube, if I get a chance, I will be relinking the videos tonight to the website, but probably won't get a chance.

Soon guys, we have some exiciting news to tell you about regarding our new special effects guy, so stay tuned!

Animator Meerkat


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