Hi guys,

Last night seems to have been a slow night for views, we have only had about 100 - 200 views. This is worrying, because with 6 days left, 100 - 200 views a night can't cut it. We need to get back on top form, and get lots of views quickly. How do we do this, well...

I need you guys to tell all your friends and family to watch it, on your YouTube channel, direct everyone to this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC-JWOqtQr8 because then we can get some more views for the first part of the first movie. Please guys, fingers crossed we can get to our target of 16,000 views by next Saturday at 12 noon.

I am busy right now, uploading another 5 vidoes today, I'm hoping we can get some more views and therefore push the movie even higher. If you can help in anyway that I have or haven't mentioned please do help. For example: post it on your blog, tweet it on twitter or post it to some friends on facebook. Come on, let's get to the target.

We have maintained our 3 channel honors today, I will, as always, put todays honors at the bottom of the post.

The final deadline for compiling scenes 1 - 20 is tomorrow morning, as I will be compiling them together before work tomorrow. This means, Picture Meerkat is working flat out today to make sure everything is finished in time!

Come on guys, lets get Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 1 - Part 1 (or Animated Meerkat Movie 1 - Part 1 as it is called on YouTube) up to 16,000 views by Saturday 15th May at 12 noon, fingers crossed that we can get there!

Animator Meerkat


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