Hi guys,

Wow, so much has changed over night. One of my advertising type videos has made it into the top 100 and is hopefully climb up the ranks there to give us lots more views. This should then have a positive effect on the movie views, only time will tell.

Also, we have reached just under 13,800 this morning, I think with any luck we have gone through a slow process for views this last few days, but with any luck we are out the end of this now and back on the rise.

I am about to go and put the last few scenes into the final compilation file, we are only missing scene 23.5 now, and then the whole movie will be complete (bar the theme). So, with any luck, tomorrow night the whole movie will be finished and it will be good news all round!

Along with this new video in the top 100, has come another new honor for that video. It is also quite surprising how far up the chart we are for the most watched channel today, because we have had over 2,000 views this morning and it is only 9:16am!

Honors below, more news tonight with any luck!

Animator Meerkat


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