So we have some great news for you tonight. Both my personal channel, MeerkatsandMongeese, and the advertising for the movies channel MeerkatsAdvertising are no in the charts for viewing figures. This is great news, it shows the new set up is working because it is unbelievable that two channels of the three, after only being set up yesterday, can have chart places on YouTube. I am so proud!

The third channel, MeerkatMovies, which is the channel for the movies, is less than 30 views away from a chart entry, which is great news, especially for three channels which have only been up 24 hours! But why is the third channel with the movies on so high up in viewing figures (I mean, the movies don't usually get those many views in one night right) well..

The advertising channel is doing its job, and it is definitley pulling in the viewers. One of the videos is in the charts as well on the advertising channel! Yes, one video has got an honour for being in the most discussed videos in Britain! Wow right!

With regards to Movie Three, I am hoping to continue some work on that script tonight, but it really depends on what other commitments I have tonight, and of course YouTube progress.

With regards to YouTube progress with movie uploading, will continue with that as soon as I finish this post, going to try and get at least the whole of movie two up and online tonight, will see how it goes.

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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