So, the script writing process for movie three has continued. I say continued because in actual fact, if you remember, I started writing the script a while back, but then I got busy again so had done no more since. Anyway, so I have written about four pages of script and I'm excited to announce that it is going really well - this next movie really explores the characters. As I was saying to Picture Meerkat today in a meeting we had, I want us to feel like the different characters have layers. I have even put some ''current affairs'' type things in, and made great use of Boris (see movie two, in the meeting room with Dimitrii - he's on the far right!) although I'm not tell you his role as a character or his role in this movie.

As soon as I finish writing this post, I'm going to try and go back and do some more work on the movie. I have decided that it is worth mentioning that Picture Meerkat has started work on the concepts for movie three - with the king nearly completed. There you go, a little spoiler for you, there is a king involved!

Today, we have got three channel honors, and I am deeply impressed with the honors that have appeared. Especially todays viewing figures, we have had nearly 3,000 views across the whole channel, which is great news.

Which brings me onto my next point. We have started getting lots of views again quite quickly, so with anly luck, we can get loads of views and get the first movie up to 20,000 views (my chosen target for after movie two release) and then I can start advertising movie two.

For the record, Picture Meerkat did mention today he expects movie 4 will be the best movie of the series - and I think I agree with him. Some of the ideas we have got planned for you guys are great, but more on that after movie 3 is complete!

The special features for movie two are online, so if you check the Movies Special Features page of this website, you can find the special features and watch them all through!

Honors below!

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