Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been really busy, and I imagine I wont post much over the next week. All will be explained in the next through paragraphs so keep your eyes peeled!

We are hoping to do some voicing for movie three this coming weekend or the one following. Although this is only for one of the characters, this voice actors is always so hard to get hold off that we don't feel we will have another chance to record her parts before the movie comes out - so this is our only chance.

This puts me under enormous pressure this week because I have to attempt to write the whole script for movie three, or at least most of it, so that we have some lines for the voice actor to read, which means it is going to be occupying my time for a while now - so I am doing movie work, but it distracts from online work.

Today, I gave Picture Meerkat his copy of the DVD for movie 2 - tonight, I have put my copy of movie two next to my copy of movie one, and now both movies have cover art, they look smashing together on my shelf. Got to say, I can't wait until there are 7 up there together - it will look great.

YouTube and honors update. Although we are still getting channel honors, I have decided to pull back a bit and only comment on the website and put the honors below each post if they are drastically new e.g. we have a new video in the charts or something, so todays post won't have any honors, although we do have some channel honors today. I am busily uploading lots of new videos as I speak in the hope we can continue to advance. Got some exiciting YouTube news I hope to announce soon, and I'm talking about two different bits of YouTube news. More news on that soon.

On the subject of deals, I hope to be able to announce an advertising deal in the next few weeks for movie two, but as always, this kind of thing is out of my control, it is totally up to the other party involved in the advertising, so I hope to announce a new advertising campaign for movie 2, but who knows where that will lead us.

I have also had contact with a new person. This person, should they decide to join the team, will get their own page on the site. But what will they do you ask? It will be our new special effects meerkat! The person has already agreed to freelance with us and make some great effects for the coming movies, but he is yet to express wanting to join the team properly, although I have put the idea to him!

Animator Meerkat


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