Hiya guys,

I had written you a really indepth and interesting post, which took me about half an hour to fit everything into, and it was for sure the longest post yet, and then when I saved it, the post went live, but with not text, so have had to start again.

Anyway, so the main news. Movie Two has gone live! Yay! It took me forever this morning to get all the content online etc. but I managed it just at 12 (midday) and so you can now enjoy our second movie right here on the website, or on YouTube. To watch it on the website, visit the Watch the movies here page.

For all those people wondering, no the special features for the new movie are not online! You want to know why not? Because in true cinematic style I have decided to hold off and wait until at least tonight, if not tomorrow, or later in the week to release the special features, as to stagger the content a bit. Don't worry, we won't make you wait weeks on end like they do at the cinema when new releases come out.

Hopefully, now the movie is online I can submit the content to our developer, so he can get the app update finished, although might not get it to him until tomorrow.

Today, I have also started work on the DVD - the first one is about to start being made now, I did try earlier but it failed, but hopefully should be OK next time I try (when I finish this post).

Phew! The movie is out, I can sit back and relax... no, whoops... wrong, I have to write the script for movie three so I guess I will have to get to work on that by about tomorrow, so the script is done in time for the end of June, when movie three production starts. Although, I am aware, my organisation skills are far better than Picture Meerkat so it wont take me a month to write one story line for one single movie. Although, as I have so much time before the next movie goes into production, I won't go at top speed.

Speaking of scripts, soon you will be able to find the movie two script on the Successfull Scripts page. Hopefully, by tomorrow I will have made the scroller for the new script and like the movie one script, you will be able to view it by tomorrow, if not before, but who knows!

Movie Three spoilers already? We've only just given you movie two today and you want spoilers for movie three? OK then, just one. The tone of movie three is going to be a lot more sinister and scary, yet dramatic and intense all at the same time. The storyline will be a bit mor e heartfelt, and you will be able to feel like you are actually standing next to the characters instead of just watching them. I want to make it the scariest one we have made so far, which isn't hard because the other two weren't scary at all! By scary, I don't mean frightening the pants off of you, I just mean it will have a more sinister and scary hint than the ones before it have been.

Finally, before I leave you - the moment you have all been waiting for. Did we get to 16,000 views on YouTube by today? Well, the thing is, I can't really tell you becausee I don't know. We are waiting for one final YouTube view update at my end, and then I can announce how many views we did get up to. So hopefully tonight or if not tonight, tomorrow, I will be able to announce if we got to our target, or didn't - you can look at the movie on YouTube if you want and check and see how many views it had, but I'm waiting for the YouTube viewing figure updates before I announce anything.

Exciting or what!

Animator Meerkat


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