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I am glad to inform you that we have passed 9,000! In fact, we are just under 9,300 now. I am so glad to see such a deidcated audience as yourselves helping us achieve our viewing figures in time before the next movie comes out. Pease guys, fingers crossed that we can reach our target of 16,000, we are only less than 7,000 away from the goal now, and with just under 2 weeks left, I'm still confident that all is to play for. Even if we don't reach the total, the closer we get the better. So tell all your friends, let's get the movie to 16,000 by 15th May 2010. Today is only the 3rd, so we can still do this guys!

I have uploaded 5 new advertising videos this morning in the hope that I can do my bit to get us to that 16,000 mark. Out of those five, four of them have taken off, and one of them is going slightly slower that the rest, but it is only 20 views behind, so it may well take off as well. Loads of the youtube videos have done well overnight, we had about 4 or 5 crossing even one of the thousands or getting to 1,000 over night, so I think thats something really good to hear. Fingers crossed we can get to 16,000!

Back to the movie. As you know, scenes 1 - 10 had to be compiled by yesterday, They were. Today, we started work on getting scenes 11 - 20 compiled, and we aim to have all of these compiled by the end of the week if not before. Today, I can report, we have compiled all scenes between 1 and 13! I'm hoping to compile the next 3 - 4 tomorrow, with one of these next 3 - 4 already complete it seems a possible target.

Today, we have held onto our 5 honors overall - 3 channel honors and 2 video honors. Although this is true, with any luck some of the videos that entered the thousands last night could well get honors today or tomorrow, and hopefully one that was in the charts a few days ago will get an honor in the weekly charts. Also, as I said, 5 new ones today, lets hope some of them climb further to get honors and get in the charts, because this will push movie figures up loads! Fingers crossed, please let's get there!

Honors at the bottom of the post!

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