Hi guys,

So today marks 5 days left until movie release date. Well, 5 whole 24 hour cycles. Last night, I was thinking. May has 31 days, and I chose the date of the 15th May, because that was as close to half way through the month as I could think of. If I wanted to get slap bang halfway through the month I would have chosen to release the movie halfway through the 24 hour cycle of the 15th day. Then I realised, we have chosen slap bang the middle of the month of May, the movie is releasing on Saturday 15th May at 12 noon, which is halfway through the day and therefore equivalant to 15 1/2 days of May, which is halfway through the month. Just thought you might like to know that...

Anyway, today, we have crossed 13,500. This may not seem like a big increase on yesterday, but as far as I'm concerned, it shows we are back on the increase which is good enough for me. I desperatley need your help because we are so close, and only now need 2,500 more views (or slightly less now) to get to our target. So come on guys, 5 days, 2,500 views, please help us - and fingers crossed we can get there.

Today, we have maintained our channel honors, so I will post them as always at the bottom of this post. I am also happy to see that some of my newer videos seem to have done really well over night, and therefore could combined with some of the older videos could get us to 14,000 by tonight with any luck. If not tonight, fingers crossed we get to 14,000 by tomorrow morning!

We are on the last few scenes now, I am about to edit together and compile scene 19 into the final mix, which to my reckoning leaves the following scenes to complete: Scene 20, Scene 21 and Scene 23.5 - we are nearly there!

Come on guys, fingers crossed we can get these last 2,500 views! Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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