Today has been so hectic, that there are soooo many things of which I just simply didn't have time to write about this morning. Actually, I am putting myself down now, in fact so many things have happened today, that most of them hadn't occured when I sat down this morning for some blog time at some point between 8am - 9am. Now here we are! With loads having happened today, it is time for you to get the latest from me!

EDIT: Now guys, only a mere two hours after writing this post, I am pleased to announce, YouTube servers have updated and we are over 8,000! Yes! Come on guys! We are over 8,100 and well on our way to 9,000! Yeah!

First up, all the special features are now complete. By that, I mean they all have videos etc. where needed. The only one that still requires some work is the outtakes. Although these are complete, they need to be put into their final compilation file, and sound needs to be added to the ones that require it, will add that in at somepoint - maybe tonight if I get time, if not probably tomorrow because I have lots of time to spare in the morning.

This morning, I told you we had breached 7,600 - which I was reasonably happy with but felt could have been better. Tonight, we are now on 7,998 but I urge you to remember that YouTube do it in 'shifts' after you reach 300 views. This means, every 2 - 3 hours it updates your viewing figures. so with any luck, we are past 8,000 now, but I won't be able to report it officialy until YouTube update later. Well, if we have - which I hope we have!

This morning also, I told you that we had 7 honors (it was kind of hilarious to me because we had about 4 and then 5 etc. until 7, right there in front of me as I wrote the blog post!). We still have 7 honors, the only reason I am posting them at the bottom of this post is they have increased. So, check them out at the bottom of the post. Again, while writing we have only gone and beaten this! We now have three honors for the video, and the 5 channel honros. See them at the bottom!

Also, I forgot to mention that being that it is May now, we now have our new archive. If you remember the last few months, you will remeber I get really happy when we start a new month now we update the blog so regularly, because then I get to write a post for the next month, and the archive grows longer! So, two good things about it now being May (I imagine there are loads more I can't think of off the top of my head right now) are: 1) New Archive - The website has now been running 8 months! Wow! Nearly a year! 2) Movie release in about 14 days now!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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