Today is another happy day, as we have crossed 12,000! It is getting rather tense now because we are only a week away from movie release and to get to our target, we are asking for 4,000 views in a week on the movie! That is a third of what we have already again! I think we can do it, but only with your help! So fingers crossed we can get there!

I have been busy uploading some videos to help us reach that target, and with three more to upload, I'm hoping we can make a difference and see a nice surge up to at least 12,500 if not 13,000 by tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Now onto the honors, we have maintained out 4 honors today, which is definitley a good thing. So, hopefully some of these new videos will be in the charts if not tomorrow by Sunday!

Thats enough from YouTube, and back onto the movie. Picture Meerkat seems to be on a go slow, because he was meant to send some scenes last night - I got none. Today, I have only had 16.5 but with any luck 17 and 18 will be with me tonight as well.

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat!


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