In the run up to movie release date, we are going to be having lots of busy news every day or every few days (I hope!) we would expect. It seems this time around is no exception, with me rushed off my feet trying to get everything voiced and ordered in time, but still get us YouTube views.

Hopefully you will agree I am doing a good job, as today I can tell you we have crossed 10,000 views on the first movie - part 1! How great is that! It means we are less than 6,000 away from the ultimate goal, and I am so excited. Please guys, continue to support us, we have about 11 days until movie release. We can do this! But, we need your help! Tell all your friends and relatives to watch the movie, if you have YouTube, make a video telling people to watch the movies! Fingers crossed, we can do this!

Also today, we maintained 5 honors, although we have had a bit of a change around. This kind of acts in our favor. One of the videos has lost an honor, but maintained the other, another video (one of yesterdays uploads) has got an honor for the first time, and continues to rise. So fingers crossed, we can reach our total, Honors are at the bottom of the post.

Today, we have been really busy with non movie related things, as its not a bank holiday or weekend today, so we are back to normal lives.Although this is true, Picture Meerkat has managed to send through part of scene 14, and with any luck, I will have the whole scene (14) by the end of the evening. This will be good, because I have 15, and then we only have 5 to go!

I have uploaded 4 new advertising videos today onto YouTube, this is in the hope that we can get some more views for the movie, we will see how it goes.

EDIT: Since writing this post, another one of our videos has made it into the charts. Now, two videos have two honors today, and one has one. This is great news, and hopefully all of the videos can continue to get loads of views overnight, and therefore make the movie rocket sky high - fingers crossed. In fact, since I edited this post, we have only gone and got another video in the charts! Yes! Come on guys! Fingers crossed for more views for the movie!

Fingers crossed everybody. We can get there, just help us out please! Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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