Hiya guys!

Today, we have crossed 12,800! Which is obviously very good news. We are nearly at 13,000 - which means we are just over 3,000 away from the final aim. We are so close now to our aim, and we have limited time left. So fingers crossed that we can do this!

Which brings me back to the next thing, we have only 1 week until movie release, and so everything is getting finished up at the moment, and we are working triple speed to make sure everything is done in time. Unfortunately, due to timing etc. this time round the app owners wont get the movie first, with any luck they can get it first next time around. As we are in the final week, everything is getting hectic and we are finishind the last few things up.

So, with a week left, and just over 3,000 views to get, can we do it? I hope so, come on guys! Let's get to where we are trying to get to. Fingers crossed we can do this! We seem so close so come on guys, this is effectively the last push, and with your help, we can get there in time for the new movie release!

Today, we are going to try to compile scenes 11 - 20. With scene 11 - 17 already compiled we only have a few left, with any luck we can get there today and then only have 21 - 23 for the coming week. Which would be great.

We have three channel honors today, no video honors, but to hold on to these three channel honors is great news - so thank you for helping us to hold onto these by watching!

Come on guys, this week is the final push!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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