Hi guys,

I know this is my second post today, and I know I am spoiling you, but when we have news, I like to let you know the latest as it happens! So, here we go.

We have crossed 13,000! This is the main reason why I am speaking to you over this post right now. We only have 3,000 views left to go! Can you believe it. I'm getting really excited now because we are in the final week. Although it is Saturday, it is now less than a week because obviously the movie is coming out Saturday 15th May and it is scheduled for release on YouTube at 12:00 noon (midday). So, we are a few hours under a week now. Fingers crossed guys that we can get our last 3,000 views in the coming days and get up to 16,000 sometime before this coming Saturday at 12 noon.

Picture Meerkat has finally got on with some work today! No, I'm joking, he has been working really hard to get his last few scenes completed today. So good job to him. We are now on Scene 18 of 23. Picture Meerkat should have this finished by tomorrow.

So, let's get those last 3,000 views shall we! Come on guys! Let's get to our target, please help us, fingers crossed that we can get there!

Animator Meerkat


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