I will start with todays biggest news, part 1 of the first movie has finally crossed 14,000! Yes, we are now only 2,000 away from the ultimate goal. I hope we can get there by Saturday, and if you guys help us, we sure can. So fingers crossed, we can get there.

We have three channel honors for today, and so this is something to be happy about, we are maintaining our channel honors, so thanks for that guys.

I have uploaded more videos today, hopefully some more of them will take off, because the more views these videos get, the more views the part one of the first movie gets. So, fingers crossed for 16,000 by Saturday 15th May at 12 noon (this Saturday!)

Picture Meerkat delivered the final parts of the second movie now, and I can announce it has all been compiled. I have spent the last hour finishing off the fake credits and making sure everything is ordered etc. and now all we need is the theme, then the whole movie will be complete.

So, most importantly guys, please tell everyone you know, let's get the movie (Animated Meerkat Movie 1 - Part 1 on YouTube) up to 16,000 views by 12 noon this Saturday. Fingers crossed we can get there!

Honors below!

Animator  Meerkat


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