I'm sure there is loads I could blurt out to you tonight on this post, but I am short of time. This is because I have spent the whole evening getting the new YouTube channels created.

We have got a new sponsor, who helps with some aspects of the movie as well sponsorship (you probably won't hear much more about them after now) but they said in order for us to get sponsorship from them, we had to start up a new YouTube network again. This is really unfortunate because today we passed 200,000 views over our whole YouTube channel and over the previous score of about 16,700 on Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 1 - Part 1. This new YouTube network works completely different to anything we have done before, let me explain.

I now have my own personal YouTube channel again, although this will double up with support for the movies because I will mention them in videos etc. This channel, if you would like to add and/or subscribe to me is: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsandmongeese - this channel will be updated regularly with my own personal videos of which I make myself about current events, music etc. but limited movie reference.

The next channel is the channel which I will use to advertise the movies. Any videos which we can use to harness in new viewers will be put on here. So, these videos will be used to get more views for the movies and drum up a bigger fanbase. So here is the link to this channel: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsadvertising - so add and/or subscribe!

The final channel is for the actual movies. Everytime a trailer is released it will go on here, and obviously we will put the movies online as well on this channel: www.youtube.com/user/meerkatmovies - I will also release the special features on here.

The first two of the above are now all up and running, so please subscribe to them. The third one currently has the first and second parts of the second movie online because the files are much bigger and take something stupid like an hour to an hour and a half each to upload. Hopefully will upload at least parts 3 and 4 of movie two onto that site by tomorrow, so hopefully we can have all the youtube channels completely functional by the end of this week.

Sorry for the upset this may have caused, fingers crossed this is the last youtube channel move now!

Animator Meerkat


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