So, I thought I have to leave a post because I like to post one at the beginning of the month and to see another month in the archives for this blog, don't know why, just always seems so fun!

So, haven't done anything on the scripte (at least don't think I have...) since my last post, really busy with other work commitments until mid June, and then free to spend hour after hour writing up some great script for you. I have definitley written the first third but am probably approaching the half way mark now.

We are doing really well on YouTube, two of the channels are taking off (no surprises for guessing which two are doing well!) but this is impacting well on the movies channels which is now nearly up to 1,000 on the second movie and it has only been up a week today on the new channel!

I really think we are in need of a new side project, so if you do have any ideas please let me know. I know I need to upload the next podcast soon, it is on my computer so should be with you soon. Now we have done the app and the online tv channel what is there left for us to do? If you have any ideas, post below, the best one wins a prize! I am thinking of putting this page as the opening page of the website to give people a chance to see this first and therefore see competitions etc.

As you may already know, there is one side project I desperately want to do. When we have some spare time (probably in the summer), I would love to adapt the movies (1 and 2) into novel/book format and then for movie three special features (or as an app or online add-on feature) have the option read the ''book'' format and make an audio book of it. If you have any better ideas let me know!

Although we have lots of honors, I said I'm only mentioning the really ''special'' ones now.

Animator Meerkat


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