So today's post starts with me pointing out the obvious. We have a new layout for the website! Yes, the day has come, where we got rid of the red one which in hindsight was way to bright, and adopted this lovely new one! You know what, I have become really attached to the fonts and layout, and one other thing in particular.

As if you couldn't guess, I'm ecstatic to announce we have a new banner. It isn't the banner as such that makes me so happy,it is that we have finally created a layout for ourselves which allows us to have a vertical navigation bar with all the websites on the left, yet still massive amounts of space at the top of the page, to put adverts for upcoming movies, events etc. So, the new banner is the first advert for movie 3, and actually features two of the new characters. I say new, because although you guys met the one in the middle in the last movie briefly (he was at the meeting that Edvard and Sergeii flew to, near the beginning of the movie) you never actually found out his name or what he does. Now, his massive movie is going to be movie 5 or 6, so I wanted to give you guys an introduction to who he is and what he does, so this is your intro to Boris! Also, the guy on the far left is the Reverend, who we mentioned yesterday. For more details about him, head to the page on the website here.

Finally, on more movie related matters, I have spent the day planning the performance for the end of Let's Laugh with Lardich for movie 3. I suddenly thought to myself it won't be long until we make the special features, and I am yet to think of a cool new performance for Lardich's show. Also, with the step up this movie is getting, I wanted it to be different and unique, and unlike the past to Let's Laughs where although the guest singer has moved around the screen it was very static. So I can't announce who the guest is, but I sent my bid to Picture Meerkat with all the drawings and plans in them, and look forward to start work on them soon, hopefully nearer the time, a banner will come to give you a sneak preview of what to expect of this new guest on the show.

One things for sure, for this movie, we're going to make a journey - get it?

Animator Meerkat


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