So, before I get on to the more interesting things of the post, I haven't made any advances on the script due to outside commitments, but these finish on Thursday of the coming week and therefore after that it is all systems are go again! So, there you go guys.

Hopefully, we are getting some more advertising on the site in the coming weeks/months. Got some possible deals - but still in talk stages so you guys will just have to wait and see on that front. If any of you want advertising space on the site, we are really cheap ($10 - $15!) just email: meerkatsofficials@hotmail.com and we will get back to you in the following days.

The main attraction of the post. After years of having some software that I use for all my editing (both movie and other stuff) I finally found some cool new effects which I never even knew I could get. Well now, I can, so hope to be using them soon. These new effects will be incorporated in my videos on YouTube, and then I could make a video, upload it to YouTube and put it on the homepage of this website - you might not understand why I would want to do that, no worries, all will be revealed soon - should I go ahead! That is the YouTube development side of things.

On the other side, both Picture Meerkat and I have some changes we want to make to the website, although mine are less durastic that Picture's (mine are just movements, more professional, new features etc. - his are change the way it looks!) so I thought maybe I could use this post to put it to you. What changes would you like to be made to the site? Comment on this post and let me know!

As I did discuss at one point in a previous post, I have serious plans to make this page the homepage, so newcomers see the site and what we do and can then comment on these posts when they see them and get involved etc. how would you guys feel about that? I am always looking for new features for the website and new side projects for the movies so let me know if you do think of anything.

The World Cup started today didn't it? So, good luck to all of your countries, where ever you are, whoever you are routing for, good luck! Maybe a banner coming soon? Hehe

Animator Meerkat


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