Just a brief message for you this evening. Got lots on again this coming week, this month seems to be manic! Anyway, so I have been doing other work all weekend, and it has involved me being out for most of it, got back this afternoon.

This means, I have not had a chance to continue with work on the script. Got some work to do now, and then may get a chance to start on the script tonight, be that only for half an hour or something later on, depends how far I get.

So, stick with me guys. This month, for once, I am the one lagging behind. But, this is because I seriously can't do anything about it. Really hope to get a chance to do some work on the script this evening, but it does have to take second priority to this more imporant work - which I intend to spend at least an hour and a half to two hours on. Then, that should leave half an hour to an hour for script qoek.

Better get working now, so that I finish this work in time!

Animator Meerkat


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