Hiya Guys.

Thought you deserved a bit of an update, so here it is. The script has had some work done on it since I last spoke to you, but I am so busy this month that I haven't done lots of script I'm sad to say. With any luck, I will spend a chunk of time on it this evening, and then also tomorrow night I will spend some time on it, but apart from that, there is nothing else to say on the script front.

But there is something to say on the team front! We are in the process of getting a new voice actor to join the team. I have been in discussion with him yesterday and today, and we are hoping to launch a new page for his character, which he will update regularly, this weekend! So, that is some exciting news for you, please give him a warm welcome!

Picture Meerkat is busy this month as well, but to give him his due, he has managed to get quite a few concepts done for the special effects, which as I mentioned before have been sent off. As off actual scenes etc. he should be ready start them next week, after he finishes his last really busy week this coming week, where he is actually out of office for two weeks at a competition, so good luck to him on that!

Thats about it guys for now!


Animator Meerkat


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