Hi guys,

Got a lot going on still at the minute, thought it would all be over after Thursday of this week, but would seem not. Anyway, I will try to update you as much as I can on what is going on, but advancments on my side will have to be minimal for at least another week - which is a complete turn around, as usually I have everything finished weeks before.

So, Picture Meerkat is also quite busy for about the next week or two, so it doesn't really cause that much of a problem if I'm not doing much, though definitley hope to be within the next week or two. Picture Meerkat has done some work, he delivered all the drawings for the special effects for movie 3 to me today and I have passed them on to Special Effects Kat. The reason we have all the special effects concepts done so quickly, is because the extreme work it will take for these amazingly beautiful 3D effects will be extensive, and so we invisage it taking Special Effects Kat a month or two for completion.

As I mentioned, minimal advances for me, and so the script advancements are absolutely zero. This weekend is chocka for me, but by early next week I will be straight back on, to make sure the script is done in time, rest assured, I will get everything done in time ready for release!

Animator Meerkat


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