This is just a quick post to let you know that I finished the script last night. It has been emailed out to the people that need it, and I can now confirm official movie start work date.

As I told you before, Picture Meerkat is quite busy this week, but the date that he can start working on the movie full time is this coming Thursday, which is 1st July 2010! So, from then on we will be sure to dig the dirt on the latest news, as the movie shapes ready for a late August, early September release.

Also, just before I go. We have a new page on the site. As we welcome on our latest voice actor, who will play the reverend, we have given him his own blog. See the page below Lardich's Lowdown? Yes, thats it, the new one, the Reverend Raves. Also, we have a new whats new page, where I can update you with the latest news as it happens!

Stick with us!

Animator Meerkat


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