So, not much to say today, in fact, I should be working and not leaving this post at all, it should be Picture Meerkat updating you all, but of course, it is Picture Meerkat, so he isn't doing a thing for the website updating! He leaves it all tome!

Just so you guys know, I'm busy until Thursday, and then from Thursday evening it is all systems are go with the script to have it completed probably within the next two weeks.

We are hoping to get some sponsors, or adveritisers for the site, these guys would have an advert on the opening page of this site, and then further also help adveritse us. Would you guys be OK with this? It wouldn't get in your way really.

Picture Meerkat is doing some movie work, as minimal as this might be. He is drawing all of the different designs for the special effects scenes of this movie, ready to be sent to special effects kat to be made in gorgeous 3D effects. I can't wait to see the finished result! Let me explain to you guys the plan. This movie will have 3D elements, and special effects elements, next movie, we go overboard with the best 3D experience we can give you (which believe me, is good, wait until you see the end of movie 3 with the taster of the next movie!) as well as great special effects and camera angling and really make it less static that in is currently. You wait and see!

Also, we could always do with more help, so if you can help us in anyway with the movies, email us at: meerkatofficials@hotmail.com because we would love for some fans to join the team!

Animator Meerkat


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