This post was really long, but then my internet crashed before I saved it, so have to start again, so excuse me if this post is relatively fast paced, don't want to write out a long post again!

So, we have got some honors worth you hearing about today. Two video honors actually, and as you know, I don't actually mention the channel honors, otherwise I would have never given you guys a break from the honors, we have continuously had at least one if not three or four channel honors, so well done us!

So, with a video in the charts today, in two countries, what impact does this have on the movies? The whole reason we set up the advertising channel was because we wanted to get some advertising in for the movies. So, we have had a good impact on the movie series, with part one of the second movie going up 800 views overnight, which puts us at a nice total of just under 3,000 views! I have done very little advertising for this movie though, so I am glad that we have had such a positive impact. Come on guys, lets get the viewing figures on a real sudden high, lets go sky high!

I have realized while writing this post that this is the first post for the new month, which means we have a new addition to the archives. Which also reminded, we are approaching our anniversary! Yes, it is our birthday, for the website, in October, which is only a few months away now. Although the movie series started back in September 2009, we didn't start regular fast progress until October of 2009. So, we count that as our movie birthday! So, I will have to look and see when we started the site, and get something ready for you guys for that day.

It's a shame the fourth movie couldn't come out on the movie series' first birthday, but it won't be done in time, for sure. So I imagine, I will try and make you a nice little preview, or some kind of trailer of some kind - coming soon :)

Honors below!

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