Hiya Guys!

I have finished the performance for the Let's Laugh with Lardich 3, it looks really nice and I am pleased to have it finished. Obviously, I should make you guys wait until the movie release date to see the special features, but the preview I released the other day has got quite a few views, and I am tempted to release the special feature early. How would you guys feel about that? One special feature released before the actual movie is released?

We have now past 6,000 views on the first part of the second movie, and we are less than 200 views away from 6,500. I am really happy with this total, because the advertising I have done has paid off! I haven't done lots of advertising, but I have done a fair bit, so at least it has paid off without too much effort!

Picture Meerkat has finished the first scenes drawings, and will be working on the second scene tonight. He says he will send me the first scene tonight, so I'm expecting it in the next few hours, and then maybe I can have the first scene already animated by the end of tonight, which would be a great bonus! Picture Meerkat has some commitments until Friday morning after tomorrow, so I wont get anything to animate for you guys after tomorrow until Friday, but Picture Meerkat ensures me he will catch up quickly!

Animator Meerkat


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