So we are back making progress with the fourth movie again! Yes, Picture Meerkat is producing some stuff for me, and I am expecting some more stuff tonight. When it comes through I'll start work on the Let's Laugh With Lardich performance, but as it stands I have no movie work to do. I am actually quite busy tonight, because I have a special event to attend, which means I wont have much time for movie work, unless Picture Meerkat sends it quickly!

In fairness, he did send me some things last night, but until I have all the things I need for the performance, I can't get started - because obviously I need the stage first, oh yes, we have a new stage for this performance. I don't want to give away everything now, so some things will be revealed, maybe something new in the banner in the coming days for you guys to feast your eyes on. Probably, in the next two to three weeks, just something to wet your appetites, while we wait for more movie progress. I hope to have the whole Let's Laugh finished by the end of this week, and then hopefully I will have some things from Picture Meerkat by then from the movie, so I have the chance to at least get on with some scene work!

The other news is that I have got some more honors for us! Yes, we have another two honors for our videos, and although we have important channel honors, such as most watched of the day, I am not going to be counting them in these posts, if I can help it. So, thanks again guys, the movie is continuing to rise, and has nearly secured a nice sturdy 4,500, currently anchoring at 4,300, so I think we can get some serious viewing in the coming weeks, but only with your help.

Honors below, as always.

Animator Meerkat


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