So we have passed 14,000 views today! Thanks so much guys again, I don't know how you do this, but thank you so much for helping us get these views that we like so much. Can't wait until we reach 15,000 because that is when there will be a new banner for you guys, showcasing 15,000 views. As you can probably guess, that is our next big target, so can't wait to reach that, thanks for your support everyone!

Also, you can expect episode 3 of the iTunes podcast out on the 2nd August, as that has been set as the day to release the episode of which includes lots of funny movie talk and a special guest joins me again. Lardich joins us for this episode, and I'm sure you will find it really funny, yet serious as well - so have a good old laugh with episode 3, make sure you visit the iTunes podcast page on that day!

Today, I received from SpecialEffectsKat, the first finished special effect. One work. Stunning! It looks really amazing, and so realistic, I am so glad to see such an amazing job done of it, and this afternoon, the scene of which it is in has been completed with sound and characters etc. Really want to release it for you guys now, but I can't! Cor, life is hard ey! So, your going to have to wait for movie release to see these great effects, SpecialEffectsKat aims to get the next special effect to me in the next few days, and after seeing the first one I can't wait to see the next!

Animator Meerkat


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