I have probably missed out loads of news that I should be telling you, but this is just a real quick post, which is only being uploaded because I have just seen the shear number of honors we have today. Although, some of them (1 or 2) are your average channel honors, I am including all today's honors because we have quite a few, and it is so thrilling. Thanks guys for your support, and for getting two of my three channels, and a video, into the honors listing of the day, week and month!

Also, more news to celebrate, we have passed 9,000 views on part 1 of the second movie, this is great news and I really hope we can get to 10,000 before the end of the week, if not a lot sooner! Again, thank you for your support, and all the movies success is your success as well!

Final thing to say, we have completed the first 3 scenes, fully animated, and I am expecting the fourth scene tomorrow to get to work on. This means, we are working at double full speed, and I have to say, for once, I am surprised at how quickly Picture Meerkat is turning around content for me!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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