Hiya Guys,

So we have one honor today, which I guess is better than nothing. We do like our good video honors, and so if you look at the bottom of the post, you can see our new honor, which is great to have, We are just under 5,000 views on part 1of the second movie, which is great. So thanks for the support, and please continue to support us into the future.

As a thank you, I guess, I have released a preview of the performance for the new Let's Laugh with Lardich, because you know what I am like, once I have something to tell you guys, or show you guys, I get so excited that I can't help it but want to show it to you. Yet again, I have done this, because I have made a small preview of the new Let's Laugh performance, and it is on YouTube now, and will be embedded in this post.

Please note, the background isn't the final one, Picture Meerkat is drawing one, and I just wanted to show you what we were offering so I just found that one online. It is not the final one! Also, in the real one it should look a lot more professional, and plus a lady will appear out of the floor. I am not saying which lady, because although I am giving you a preview of the new Let's Laugh, I'm not going to tell you which song it is, or who is in it, I am giving you a preview, and if you know who it is, you know, if you know the song, you know but you are getting no more clues until I have finished the special feature. I intend to be started on it in a few days time, I am just waiting for Picture Meerkat to send through the last few things

Honors below and performance preview below!


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