Hi all,

So today we passed 14,500 views on the first part of the second movie. This is really good news, as I'm really hoping that we will have reached 15,000 views by the time it is my time out of office on about the 12th. It would be amazing to be able to upload a new banner before I go releasing news that we have passed 15,000 views, and I can't wait to think what we might have when I come back to the office - please can we have lots of views!

Tonight, I began compiling the scenes. I have been really busy with work today, so didn't have much time, but decided to export the first 6 scenes, and stopped there due to little segments missing etc. plus I wanted to write this and then do some other things, so the first 6 have been exported.I'm really unhappy to see how much room the first 6 scenes has taken up on my computer - 1GB!! Usually it is only 35MB! I tried loads of different formats, but the sound wouldn't work, or the quality was horrible so have had to keep these massive files.

This worries me, because if I run out of room on my computer I'm going to have to do something we have never done before. I'm going to have to make a compiled file of say the first 10 scenes, export that, then delete all the individual files but keep the finished exported one, if that makes sense. Don't worry, it does to me, and if it comes to that I know what I'm doing. Really hope it doesn't come to that though, because it means if I need to make any changes after exportation, I've got some major issues!

I'm feeling really organised with this movie though, because everything is nearly read for release, just got some special features and some compiling to do and then I'll be ready, and tonight I even made a word document which states all the things I'm aware of that are done/not done so I can update it, and when I leave the office for other work on about the 10 - 12th, Picture Meerkat will know whats left to do, and can get it done, so when I return, I just have to add it in to the final mix.

Going to be really busy with work though over the next few days, so we will see how I get on, fingers crossed everything will be finished on time!

Animator Meerkat


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