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So today I am really excited because yesterday I received the line from the celebrity guest we got for the movie. I have been in contact with him for a while, and the way the voice has turned out is just really good. At first you might listen and think - what is this? But when I thought about it, the voice is just right because it is so oblivious of what has just happened. So that means Scene 6 has been added to the movie completed. Apart from the musical interlude following Scene 8 - 9 (I never remember where it is) the first 15 scenes are now complete.

I have made the final trailer for the movie. As you know, we do two teaser trailers and then the final one with lots of movie clips and the closest to Hollywood style that we could manage. I won't put it live until at least Friday night, but probably will have it up for you Saturday morning this week. I don't want to give much away about it just yet and being Teaser Trailer 2 has just come out, I felt we needed to wait a week before giving you your final over 2 minute long trailer!

The reason I made the last trailer so early is so I could complete the special feature line up. I can now announce to you, for the first time, the special effects coming to you on the Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 3 DVD. The following is the line up for this DVD (special feature wise): Let's Laugh With Lardich 3, Trailer Commentary 3, iTunes Podcast Exclusive, Video Podcast Exclusive, Voice Bloopers/Outtakes and the Director's Commentary! So, they will be all out on the DVD for the movie, which will be released on September 2nd 2010. That gives you a clue as to when the movie is released etc. But as for movie release date, it has been decided, and you will find it out when I release the trailer this weekend, but not before!

Compiling is going well, I would say we are waiting on about 5 scenes to be completed for compiling, most of which I can't do without Chris. We are still waiting on two special features, but hopefully they will be with me in the next few days. Also, we haven't done the theme tune yet, that is one of the final few jobs I am leaving for Chris while I take my office leave in the coming weeks, I'll let you know when etc. soon!

Oh, and also, we are into the last 30 views before we cross 15,000! Can you believe it! Hopefully we can cross 15,000 either today or tomorrow, and then I will make a new banner for the top of the website revealing official movie 3 release date and the fact that we have passed 15,000! There is your incentive guys!

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