Quite a bit of news for you today, as we can announce it is a week until the movie is released. I think that is slightly scary isn't it? To think we give you the third installment of a possible seven in just a weeks time today! Are you looking forward to it? You better be! We have worked really hard on this movie! Hehe. Only joking guys, but I hope you are excited! The work hasn't even stopped for us now, a week before release!

Picture Meerkat has been working on a cover for the new DVD, although I did one, I said he could do one too, and then we would use the best one. It will probably be his one to be honest, because he can draw and I can't so, there you go. But I quite like mine, I thought I did a reasonably good job. Well, you will know soon, when the new banner goes up on the site on 1st September!

The last special effect from SpecialEffectsKat is meant to be with me tomorrow, which is great news because then Picture can do his last scene and then the movie is complete! Woohoo! Good news or what? I will probably even have time to watch the whole movie back and see that everything looks good etc. SpecialEffectsKat has spoken to me today and assures me he intends, unless something awful happens, that the last special effect will be with me by tomorrow evening!

Then the other piece of news is that today we have recorded another edition of the iTunes podcast. Finally I managed to make an episode of the podcast, that has a special guest in it, which has been recorded over Skype, which iTunes will actually except. It turns out www.mypodcast.com, who we use, only allow up to 96bps, but we were on over 100bps, if that makes sense to any of you. So I worked out how to bring it down, and we now run at 80bps, which is obviously acceptable for iTunes and for mypodcast.com so Kyle and I recorded an episode of the podcast for iTunes today, his first iTunes podcast, and we'll have it up for you at some point tomorrow!

That's about it, your up to date as far as I know!

Animator Meerkat 


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