Hi guys,

I have now done all I can do for movie, so I am basically ready for release now. I am still waiting for the last few things from Picture Meerkat until the movie is complete, but despite the fact that he was meant to get his internet connection back today, I haven't heard anything so until I do I can't do anything else for the movie. Then, once I go out of office next week, it is just the last few scene changes, the fight scene and the theme tune for Picture to do.

The 5th podcast has gone live, and if you click here you can download it form iTunes, make sure you subscribe to the movie series podcast and leave a nice review for us. I did try and get you two special guests for this podcast, but mypodcast.com  rejected the file because we recorded it via skype instead of via them, because Jake, who plays Lardich, and Kyle who plays the librarian, the reverend and the king in this movie weren't in the room with me, so unfortunately, it looks like your going to have to settle with just me for that episode number 5.

As I have said, I'm out of office next week, but when I come back there will be more podcasts, but until then there will be no podcast, so this may be your last one until movie release, if not your second to last one, but we will see.

Animator Meerkat 


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