Hi Everyone,

Good news for you today! The final special effect is in from SpecialEffectsKat and I am really happy with it. Obviously, I can't reveal much, but when you see it, you will realise what I mean. One word, amazing. I am really happy with what he has done, and it makes me feel like everything has been stepped up so much. So thanks so much for your work SpecialEffectsKat, or Dave as he is known to us. We can't wait for you all to see the wonderful works he has done for us!

With this last effect in, it means that the last scene is now in production, and Picture Meerkat is working to get it done. I'm going to keep the news on this brief, because otherwise I'm going to spill too much and spoil all the surprises. So, that's it on that matter, and it is time to go to the next piece of news.

We are hoping to work on some interviews soon, and Kyle and I are hoping to keep the iTunes podcast going regularly, but record the episodes each week or two, face to face, so this is what we're going to try and do. We are going to meet up every time we are going to make an episode, and then we are going to upload it etc. but record it face to face, so it is more realistic etc. Also, we are hoping to do some kind of an interview in the next few months with our special guest for this movie, Joe Craig, but being his busy schedule we are going to have to arrange this very carefully.

The iTunes podcast that we recorded is now available, it went live yesterday, but I forgot to post it, because I was busy so I have posted it in this post, to go subscribe to the podcast, or just to view this episode go to the iTunes Podcast page of this website, and follow one of the many download links.

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