So I have been compiling the movie, and I have done loads of work on it, adding the sound effects, music and generally just making sure everything gets done in time. At the minute, I'm as far as I can get without speaking to Picture Meerkat, and being that he gets an internet connection back on Thursday means I can talk to him there.

I released the new audio podcast yesterday, lots of interesting exclusives and obviously 30 minutes of movie fun and what mattered to me about the movie when I was recording. Hopefully I mentioned everything that I could, and you know I always try and reveal a bit of news on each of the side projects that you can't find anywhere else as a kind of incentive for using that side project, so you want to check out the iTunes podcast (the audio one) cause there are loads of pieces of exclusive news, check out the page called iTunes Podcast for more.

I released Teaser Trailer 2 last night, I spent a large chunk of yesterday recording and editing it together because I realised I need to finish the special features by next weekend, and yet I still have not recorded the last two, so that was my job this weekend, to finish off as many as I can and they are all done now apart from one or two, which will be complete after the last trailer comes out next weekend.

So the video podcast has also been released, I realised we hadn't done a video one in a while, so I went onto skype and recorded my conversation with Kyle, who plays the reverend, the librarian and the king. We made it as professional as we could, but neither of us had ever recorded a skype conversation before, but it turned out quite well, and if you visit www.youtube.com/user/meerkatmovies you can find it there!

As I mentioned, apart from the Trailer Commentary, we are nearly finished with the special features for this movie now. I can confirm that the following are all now complete, compiled and exported so your definitely getting the following: Let's Laugh 3, Director's Commentary, iTunes Podcast, Video Podcast, Trailer Commentary and Voicing/Audio Bloopers. So look forward to them coming very soon!

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