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So I have done some more compiling today, and it is going well. I have now exported from flash the first 10 scenes of the movie, which means we're halfway there. On top of that I have exported the finished director's commentary and voice blooper special features, so you can expect them soon! The files I'm exporting from flash are turning out so big this time, which is unusual, and it is eating my computer space so much, so what I decided to do, was then export some of the scenes (the ones which we've done in two bits) again, with music and sound effects added where appropriate in .mp4 format - which is the format we use for the finished, exported movie that goes on YouTube.

Good news for all YouTubers up next, YouTube have increased their guidelines for the uploading of videos. You can now have up to a 15 minute video (if your not a partner) up to the size of 2gb as each video! That is great news, because it means now we might only have to have the movie in four parts on YouTube this time round, we will see how it goes. That is, unless I can get YouTube to make me a partner (please YouTube!) and then you guys can have the whole movie in one part! But that probably wont happen, so we wont count our chickens until they've hatched.

On other news, I've spoken to specialeffectskat today and he is now hard at work on a special effect for the end of the movie, it is our cliffhanger for movie 4, like we did for movie 3 at the end of movie 2, but a lot more explosive, and I'm glad we found someone as good as him to bring it to life for us!

There is a new podcast out tomorrow, we are trying to keep up the ever 5 days trend that I seem to have started, but after the next week or two, I might have to slow that down to once every week, or once every fortnight, just wanted to make you aware of that to see what you thought - comments below please if you have a strong view either way on that. In the podcast, I intend to mention the website viewings (we are getting quite a lot of views everyday now) as well as loads of other stuff, but I have to record that tomorrow first.

Finally, before I go, the podcast has had some great news today, when I checked how many downloads of the iTunes podcast we have had. Won't reveal downloads just yet, cause its early days but we are in double figures - and we haven't really had any advertising apart from posts on the website, so thanks guys!

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