Hi guys,

Got some good news for you. I finally worked out how to download videos from Veoh. How is that related to the movies you ask? Well we put the first movie online for you on YouTube as well as on other places, which included Veoh. Then, when we lost the movie from YouTube when we changed account, I no longer had the movie online and I really didn't know what to do. Since then, I have been trying to download the movie from Veoh so I could re-upload it onto YouTube, but I tried all of the different Veoh downloaders including the official Veoh downloader, but no luck.

Then yesterday, I finally managed to work out how to do it, but it didn't download in time, so I re-downloaded the movie from Veoh today, when I had time for the whole movie to download, it is over half a gigabyte after all! And finally, it worked. I then split up the movie into 15 minute chunks and I uploaded them onto YouTube. I have reset the links on the Watch The Movie Here! page of the website. You can now watch movie 1 online on YouTube and on the website on the Watch The Movie Here! page!

On the other end of the spectrum, the bad news is we haven't heard anything from Picture Meerkat. He was meant to get his internet connection back on Thursday, but still no word, so until I hear something, we can't finish the movie. I really hope he doesn't stop us from getting the movie released on time, and unfortunately if I don't get the last few things from him, we can't finish the movie. So, with any luck he will send me the last few things I need next week, we will see.

Animator Meerkat


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