Hi everyone,

So we have some exciting news for you. The third movie was officially completed today. This morning, I exported the whole of the third movie, and the DVD is currently being made as I type! To think, these months of hard work, and on Wednesday you get to see what we produced. Make sure you check YouTube on Wednesday, because the movie will go up there first. As to time that it will go online, I am rather busy Wednesday, so it will have to be up before 1pm. This means I'd imagine you can expect it between 9am - 12 noon.

As I said, the DVD is being made. Hopefully we wont have any issues, because sometimes we have issues when we make the DVD, so fingers crossed everything will be OK this time. The cover was completed this morning, Picture Meerkat has done one for the website, and I have done one for the DVD. I was going to use his on the DVD, but it has none of the people or anything and is very bland and empty, so used mine instead. You can preorder your copy of the DVD, email me at: edvardmovie@hotmail.com and say you want a copy, and that can be arranged. Quite a few more people have preordered that usual this time, which is nice to see!

There will be a new banner up on the site for 1st September when the movie comes out, but then another new one, probably only slightly modified from the one I just mentioned will be up the next day, to announce the release of the DVD as well. So Picture Meerkat's movie cover will be on that second banner, but the first one will be reserved for some other things to get you into movie mood!

Also, its birthdays galore! Tomorrow is my birthday, so you probably wont get anything from me on the site tomorrow. That is why everything had to be completed today, because I am more or less busy from now until release. So, thats why today had to be final deadline for everything. Also, the movie series, and indeed the websites' birthdays are coming up! We will celebrate them in October, on the date I started the website, but whether we will announce the beginning of October as the official start of the movie series or not, I really can't tell at the moment, cause I don't know!

Animator Meerkat


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