This is the first post on the website of August! As you know, usually I like to leave a post, even if I have nothing to say, on the first day of each month, but yesterday everything was so packed for me that I ran out of time to write a post, although the intention was there!

So, we have quite a few honors today, as you know, I no longer post the channel honors, although we have at least 6 of them today, but we do have 3 new video honors! Yes, two of my meerkatsandmongeese videos have made it into the most watched videos of the day, and one of them into the most discussed of the day. So, as usual, the honors are below.

The third podcast has just been put live, in fact it is publishing as I type, but by the time I get to the end of this post, and publish it live, you will be able to download episode 3 of the podcast, although I will wait until tonight to update the iTunes podcast page of the website, because I am aware that it takes iTunes a few hours to add the new episode onto their database, although if you are already subscribed to the podcast, open iTunes and it should automatically start downloading it, even though it isn't available for anyone on iTunes yet, for a few hours.While we have news coming regularly, I'm trying to keep the podcast update once ever 5 days, but while that might be difficult to withhold, we will see how we go.

All the scenes have been voiced now, and I finished that off last night, which means now I have to start compiling, because I have two weeks of spare time, and I have to spend that time making sure that everything is finished, so I will be able to just add the last 1 or 2 scenes into the movie, and then export it, and upload it for you lovely bunch online!

We have passed 14,300 views on the movie, and are still rising, but not at such a fast pace as we have the last few weeks, so if you could help get us to 15,000 in the next two weeks, that would be great, because then I'll put a new banner online for you guys!

Oh, what did I tell you, the podcast has just gone live as I type this! Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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