So although it is slightly off topic in comparison to the other news I have been telling you lately, which was about how close we were to finishing the movie, we have now had some honors again. While I was on office leave, we didn't get too many views because I wasn't uploading videos, but now I am back at the office, so I have been uploading lots of new videos. Especially for the www.youtube.com/user/meerkatsandmongeese channel! I have started new editing with music in the background and things like that. I have also decided to start a podcast for this channel to get it more views, but that is slightly off topic again!

So since I have been back I have uploaded lots of videos, as I said. They have music in the background, and altogether I have been trying to make them more professional. We have managed to do this and want to continue to make them even more professional.

This has come with its rewards, as we have got two honors today from one of the videos I made the other day. I am really happy that it has got as many views as it has, because it helps to advertise the channel to more people, then hopefully they subscribe. If they subscribe, I then have more people to make videos advertising the movies to, and then with any luck they will then go watch the movie.

Again, we have an example of the idea working, it shows it is possible to get videos into the most watched videos, and it can be hard, but doesn't require 1,000,000 views! My video that got into the most watched today currently has just under 1,000 views. So if we can achieve somewhere between 2,000 - 10,000 views (which is what we are hoping for) we should make it into the most watched on YouTube, and therefore expose ourselves to an even bigger YouTube audience!

Honors below!

Animator Meerkat


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