Hi everyone!

I just wanted to update you all again because I feel there is something worth your knowing.

Today, we have passed 10,000 views, which is something I am very excited about. To think, all three of our movies have now passed this figure and just the thought of it makes me fell so happy, to think we have been able to get these views. Although, again, I feel it is only fair of me to mention that without all of you, it just wouldn't be possible. Sitting here, writing this post, I'm over the moon with the figures of our movies so far, and hope that the views can continue to flood in over the next few days and months as I dare to think how many views we could have by the time the fourth movie is ready for a release.

Also, on the same topic, we have now got at least over 1,000 views on all three of the first three parts of Edvard Orlovski: The Movie 3, which is great news. It seems more than ever before, people have seen the third movie and clicked to watch the second and third parts because they were gripped and interested by what they saw. This is definitely a good thing, so again, thanks a lot for finding people to watch the movie for us, or if you've seen it yourselves, thanks so much!

Finally, I did promise a new episode of the iTunes podcast, and that new episode is now available as off this evening. Me and Kyle spent 25 minutes today recording the rest of the podcast, because again we had to switch rooms due to our first room's use for other movie things. You can tell part two was recorded today, because I mention the 10,000 views etc. and I'm sure you'll find some nice half spoilers to get stuck into. I say half spoilers because it is where me or Kyle have accidentally given away a little bit too much, but not too much to have given away too much, just little hints if you like! So try and spot them if you like!

To listen to the podcast, just go to the iTunes Podcast Page by clicking the hyperlink either on the navigational bar or just up above.

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