Hi all,

Sorry if you feel the posts are becoming a little less regular, I don't mean them to be, I just feel if I do the usual and post lots of posts, I am going to end up blurting out the big secret for movie 4. This is why I am not posting all the time anymore, and also its because I feel there is nothing to say at the minute as we wait for the next big thing here at the movie series.

With the Birthday of the website, and indeed the movie series, coming up toward the end of next month, plans are being prepared to make it go off with a bang. I for one have never worked on a project that has gone on for so long, with a number of results that I feel proud of. The next movie, movie four, was always intended to be the best one of the series, and I'm sure your going to agree that it is when you see it.

I am writing the fourth movie, which I have to admit I haven't started yet (writing that is). Most of the writing will go on through November/December, because I have a hectic few months until then, but don't threat, some ground work will be done before then.

Without giving too much away, I can confirm we hope to bring out to you a trailer as part of the movie birthday celebrations. This is all i can confirm at the minute, because all though we all have ideas, nothing apart from this has been confirmed between us yet, so we can't tell you because it might not even happen. Specialeffectskat is going to be doing the main part of the trailer this time, which is the first time I have given away this duty to someone else, but because of the requirements of the new trailer, I could hardly do it myself!

We have got a new podcast, but it isn't coming out just yet. Me and Kyle are working hard on making the podcasts etc. but as it is, only half the podcast has been recorded, we were then interrupted and had other things going on, so we need to wait until another time for recording. We do hope to have something recorded in the early part of next week, because we both want it available online at some point next week.

That's it for now. Phew, I feel like I have dropped many subtle hints without giving away the massive revelations. Let's just say, for the movie series' future, and the website as well, October '10 is going to be crazy!

Animator Meerkat


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