Hi everyone,

I'm still trying to keep everything under wraps so still with the irregular posts, sorry about this, I really want to tell you everything, but if I do, there are no secrets for the weeks ahead of us.

On another matter of which I can tell you about, we have nearly got to 3000 views on the first part of our third movie. Can you believe it! Yes, we have suddenly had a view spurt, and gone up from just somewhere in the first thousand, to so close to the 3000 mark! I really hope we can cross that 3000 mark soon, and I have already had a conversation with some people involved in the movie series that can get us some more views.

For example, Joe Craig helped us out with a part in the third movie, and he has such a large fan base compared to us. If he can get some of his fans to take a look at the movie, then we can get even more views which is just what we need. Can we pass 3,000 tonight or not? Make sure you help us out if you can. I have embedded part 1 of the first movie in this very post, so go check it out, and send the link to everyone you know! Let's get some serious traffic for this movie!

Thanks for your continued support, please continue to help us out, and we will continue to give you the content you require from us (the movies, news etc.). Believe you and me, the surprises coming your way this October are great and we can't wait to announce them, you just wait and see.

Animator Meerkat


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