Hi all,

So today is crunch day, as the movie has become available online. Although we had hoped to have a podcast out today, with some space issues on my hard drive, I had to delete lots of files, and accidentally, I deleted podcast 8 as well, before I could upload to iTunes. But, the movie is now available both on YouTube and online. I am hoping to put movie 2 and movie 3 on Veoh, and did try to put movie 3 on Veoh, but it didn't work, because I ran out of time. But will let you know when they're online.

The DVD is now available for preorder. It was already available for this, but yesterday the DVD was successfully created, and the first two copies have now been made. Tonight, all of the copies of the DVD will be made, ready to send out to you all. Anyone who wants to preorder, and hasn't already, please email edvardmovie@hotmail.com and tell us you want a copy, or complete the form on the Newsletter page of the website, but fill in the comments section with: I want a DVD.

Also, the new banner is now up online, didn't see it? Check the top of this very page. There will be another new one tomorrow when the DVD comes out, but the changes are minimal!

Animator Meerkat 


09/01/2010 13:56

Do I get a complimentary DVD seeing as I did all that complimentary work for you? :) Good to see it all finished. What happened to the last scene?

09/01/2010 13:57

Ooops. Just scene you've posted two more videos on YouTube.


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