Hi everyone,

So the new banner is here! I know it has only been just under 3 weeks since the last banner, but I felt like we needed an update because that other one was looking a bit old. So the new one is up now, I know it is very basic, I just wanted to bring to anyone who visits the site's attention that these are the first three parts of our first three movies, and look where they have got to on YouTube thanks to our fantastic fans (feel free to take credit because that's you guys!). I also thought a nice touch would be to add up the three different part 1s of each movie, and see how many views that comes to. As you can see from the banner, and the what's new page, that total is 38,741 views!

Since then, movie 3 has risen about another 300 views, so even if we weren't passed 39,000 before today, we are now. Also, I have to bring to your attention this is only across the first part of each of the three movies so far, therefore we could have already passed 40,000 if you take into account all of the views across every part of every movie. That makes it also the perfect time to mention this is only on YouTube and YouTube embeds. Veoh has conjured up about another 100 - 200 more views which haven't been included in the viewing figures above so well done!

In aid of this, I decided this would be the perfect time to start a movie 4 home for the site, and you can find that on the navigational bar to the left, or by clicking this link here. At the minute, the page only has one thing on it, and that is my own personal little memoir of what has come already and whats ahead for the coming year with this new movie. This is only very short, because we will do a longer post for the new page to come in October, which is of course our movie birthday page, page name and content of which are yet to be confirmed, although while writing this post, I have had another nice idea of what we could use to celebrate the movie series' birthday. So thanks guys :)

Also, although we have already touched on it in this post it was only briefly, the third movie has now past 6,000 views! As I mentioned above, it has actually got about 6,300 now, so could we be seeing 6,500 by the morning? Who knows. Please continue to support us in getting views for the third movie, lets get it up to the current totals held by its predecessors, both of which are between 15,000 - 17,000. Also, I am rather desperate that in the coming weeks we may be able to celebrate movie 2 views getting to 16,000, but of course that is not our prime target at the minute.

Now finally, before I leave you in peace to do whatever it is you lovely people may be doing at the minute, I feel first it is only right to tell you that I am going to start work on something this afternoon for the fourth movie! Although not directly related, it is something you will get at the end of October as part of the birthday celebrations, it does contain a massive spoiler about whats to come in movie 4. So only about a month until you get to find out exactly what we have planned to celebrate the movie series' birthday, and believe me, some of the things we're going to give to you as part of the birthday celebrations are really exciting!

I'm excited just talking about it!

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