Hello all!

So the new podcast episode is finally out today. Sorry it has taken a while, that wasn't intentional, it has just been trying to find the days and times where we can find an empty, relatively quiet room in the office to record in. As it happened, we had to record this episode in two parts, because one room had to be used for something else, so we had to wait for a few days and finish off the episode, but we continued it as if it was the same day, same place etc. That episode is now available on iTunes. Go to the iTunes Podcast page of this very website for more details on that episode, or click HERE to go to the podcast page on iTunes and subscribe and download all the episodes to date (or just the ones you haven't got!).

The other thing to update you on is that the movie has shot up another thousand or so views on YouTube! Yes, movie three, part one, has gone from under 5,000 yesterday to nearly 6,000 today! That is awesome news, and good work to everyone that has been involved in getting us those views we so badly want and need.

Hopefully the views will keep coming in, although we will have to face facts and recognize that soon this flow of views will slow down for a period of time, and then hopefully it can pick up again! But who knows? What makes this even better news is that the movie has been up not even three weeks and we have passed 5,500 views. How awesome is that? To put that into proportion, we have approximately a third of the views that the second movie has got in the three months since it was re-uploaded. How awesome is that?

Come on guys, lets get this movie some serious views!

Thanks for your support so far, we know we have some great surprises in store for October just to make it worth your while supporting us and the project!

Animator Meerkat


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