Hi guys,

We have now passed 8,500 views on YouTube, and we are really happy with this current total. I'd like to take this chance to thank you again for your continued support. Without you all there, watching each movie as we release it, there would be no point us even producing more content. So thanks.

As I keep reminding you all, we have the birthday for the movie series coming up at the end of October, so when it comes around I'm sure we'll be full of the thank yous, throwing them out like there is no tomorrow! So I'm trying to keep it to a minimum because let's just say your going to hear a lot of the word thank you next month.

We have a new podcast that is due out in the next few days, it has not been completely recorded yet but the first half is fully complete. Kyle and I will be recording the second part hopefully by the end of the week, and if it is recorded in time, I'll upload it to iTunes for you all this weekend.

You may also have noticed there are now adverts on the homepage. These are provided by Google AdSense and when clicked a percentage of the money goes to us and a percentage to Google. The reason we have the adverts is to fund some of our projects. For instance, we are going on a 3D training course next year to help us make this next movie the best it can be, some of the money for this training is coming from our own pockets, the rest is coming from the money we make for adverts.

This way, you don't pay anything, and we don't have to pay extra. To get us some money to help fund this, please just click the adverts! Refresh the page, every time you visit the site, click one of the adverts on the homepage! Go on, click it and lets get some money which will make this next movie the best one ever!

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