Hi guys,

Just realised I better update you again on the website, because I haven't done it in about a week? So where have I been? You want the truthful answer? Erm, yeah, no where. I just didn't have the news to update you on.

At this early point in movie 4 production, the news is trickling in every few days to every week, and it means that most of that I can't tell you anyway. The posts are becoming a bit irregular but I'm REALLY busy in the coming month or two, so bear with me if they are irregular for a bit. Cor, some people would think a post a week was quite regular, not you movie fans!

The third movie is just under 7,000 views on YouTube! Awesome or what? When I say just under I mean we have about 7 views before we hit that 7,000 mark? Hopefully after YouTube update the viewing figures and refresh them in a few hours it means we should be at 7,000, I hope. If we are, I will try and get you a post tomorrow, but again, I'm really busy tomorrow!

Specialeffectkat is still busily working away at his work for this upcoming movie. As to what it actually is, that at the minute remains under wraps. But I am so excited about this that I can't wait to show/tell you.

A new podcast will hopefully be coming soon, but Kyle and I are going to record out of order for this next episode. You see we need to make sure we have an episode for the birthday celebrations (yes a special one which your going to love!) so we want to make sure that is in the bag before we start work on the next episode of the podcast. Therefore, we hope there will be another one in the next week or two, but we need to record the one after first to make sure its done. Make sense?

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