Hi Everyone,

I assume you've already seen the butt in below? Yes, that's referring to the post below, left by Picture Meerkat on my blog! But as you'll hopefully have noticed he's decided to finally update his blog for you again yesterday - his first post in... a year. I don't know why he sees this as worth celebrating, but his mind never ceases to confuse the rest of us!

That also explains why he decided to change the banner at the top of the website. It now looks rather Irish with the array of green colours. I have had to edit the banner because it probably left some of you in bewilderment, I added the text above 1st post in one year, because I didn't want you to all think we were celebrating our birthday again. Therefore I added to picture meerkats blog so you would understand what he is on about. Don't worry, its not our movie series birthday again already! That's October!

The reason I visited the website today was not to look at the changes Picture Meerkat had made (because I don't see it as something we should be celebrating and so remembered to forget all about it) and wondered why everything had changed myself! In fact, I visited today to tell you about the new voice actor guest confirmed. Yes, this is our second of a possible four guests that we are welcoming on board, I expect we will probably have three, but who knows! Two is amazing. Look at the paragraph below to find out more about our new guest!

First thing you should know about him is his name is Jack and he has a YouTube channel called BaptismonFire. His channel is the smallest of the four channels of which we asked to join us on this project, but never the less he has had over 14,000 channel views and over 100,000 upload views! He has 621 subscribers and makes British song parodies and spoof on his channel. For us, he will be playing a character called Stocklimp! That's all your getting from me about that now though!

Now we're just waiting to hear from another three people. One we should hear from in the next week or so, the next one we should hear from this time next month and the last one we should hear from in March!

Luckily for you, or maybe unluckily - it depends on the way you look at the situation - the announcements have been staggered. This is not deliberate, it just happens to be the way things have worked out.

:Look out for more new announcements soon!

Animator Meerkat
(P.S. and if you can be bothered to visit Picture Meerkat's Blog and see his first post in a year, your welcome to do so. It is the second half of his Meelin tutorial, that is, if you didn't get bored of waiting for part two and have since deleted your version of Meelin from your computer altogether!)


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